About websockets of 90’s and creativity within..

October 1, 2014

Eventually I was involved in a talk about different ways of establishing a real time connection between browser and server. One of my colleagues just said: “I would use a GIF for that”, and I was like “whaat?”, and then he showed me this library: gifsockets. This is an implementation of Graphical Interchange Format protocol, known as GIF. It’s supposed to represent animation in browser, that consists of set of frames that are consistently changing each other. When downloading GIF animation, browser is doing this frame by frame and is holding the connection till receiving a special character from the server. Potentially, when there is no such special character sent, the browser might hold the connection opened forever. It’s also possible to convert plain text to a special format (RGB frame) and send it via a regular GIF protocol to a browser.

Back in 90’s, when there was no websockets, people were using this feature for establishing a real time communication between browser and server. Although this is clearly a big piece of hack – when something is used in a way it’s not supposed to – I think this is an amazing example of creativity in programming..