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SSDB as a cheaper alternative to Redis

Credit Ervins Strauhmanis, flickr Creative Commons Hello again, today I would like to talk about SSDB – high-performance NoSQL database as a cheaper drop in replacement for Redis. Redis in most cases is the best solution for managing a high-througput and low-latency data access. It’s also open source and free to use. But using Redis might be expensive in terms of higher costs for hardware resources utilization. For example, I.. Read More

Mission Impossible! Or how to beat a chess computer at impossible level.

Hello again, check out the video I have made of playing chess on today’s one of the most popular chess sites. As you can see, I was able to outplay a chess computer at “IMPOSSIBLE” level as its name suggests. On the web site it has been rated 2300 ELO that compares to a strong master level. So my achievement is quite impressive, considering I have never been studying playing.. Read More

Lua as a Python’s secret weapon.

There are Lies, Damn Lies, and Benchmarks Pure Python Hello again, today I would like to share some remarkable benchmark findings that demonstrate the way Python may be boosted by embedding Lua into Python code. The process has started with simple task my friend asked me to fulfil in order to compare Python to other languages. So, below is the benchmark we are going to test: fig 1.0

We.. Read More

Yahoo ChessMaster R.I.P

Hello again, this is my next publication in which I would like to share one of my first experiences as a programmer. I strongly believe the best method of learning something is simply to start doing it. Yep, it’s all about practice. So, there was no better way for me to learn a new programming language than just start writing a project using this language. One of my first self-educational.. Read More

About websockets of 90’s and creativity within..

Eventually I was involved in a talk about different ways of establishing a real time connection between browser and server. One of my colleagues just said: “I would use a GIF for that”, and I was like “whaat?”, and then he showed me this library: gifsockets. This is an implementation of Graphical Interchange Format protocol, known as GIF. It’s supposed to represent animation in browser, that consists of set of.. Read More

Extracting textual time-based content from blog page using LCA techique on a DOM tree.

Today there is increasing interest in scraping the latest data from internet. Especially textual data. There is a lot of content providing sites, such as blogs, news, forums, etc. This content is time-based (periodically updated during the time). Extracting time-based content from millions of sites is not a trivial task. The main difficulty here is that we don’t know beforehand what is the format of the HTML page that we.. Read More

Python as an optimal solution for today’s network application programming challenges.

Recently I have made a brief exploration of local job market and have found a simple fact – Python is greatly misunderstood and as a result – extremely underestimated. Having an experience of being employed by different software developing companies, I have heard many times from technical people that Python is slow and doesn’t have a real threading mechanism and due to the lack of static types it’s error-prone; that.. Read More

Tips on optimizing scrapy for a high performance

Running multiply crawlers in a single process. When crawling many web pages it’s important for an application to get an advantage of APM. Scrapy is a Python asynchronous crawling framework, that with small changes is perfectly suites this need. Scrapy has a Crawler component that includes request scheduler as well as visited urls queue, together with all the configuration parameters related to how the crawling process should be performed. Thus.. Read More

Why you should consider asynchronous programming model (APM) when writing web server in Python.

This is a repost of my article from PicScouts engineering blog. Thanks guys for keeping it up! The original version may be found here: In our days there is an increasing interest towards asynchronous technologies. This is particularly as a result of a huge success of Nginx and NodeJS. But there is also many people that still not getting what is this all about and what are the differences.. Read More