Alexey Vishnevsky

Mission Impossible! Or how to beat a chess computer at impossible level.

Hello again, check out the video I have made of playing chess on today’s one of the most popular chess sites. As you can see, I was able to outplay a chess computer at “IMPOSSIBLE” level as its name suggests. On the web site it has been rated 2300 ELO that compares to a strong master level. So my achievement is quite impressive, considering I have never been studying playing.. Read More

Why you should consider asynchronous programming model (APM) when writing web server in Python.

This is a repost of my article from PicScouts engineering blog. Thanks guys for keeping it up! The original version may be found here: In our days there is an increasing interest towards asynchronous technologies. This is particularly as a result of a huge success of Nginx and NodeJS. But there is also many people that still not getting what is this all about and what are the differences.. Read More